Benefits of Keezhanelli!

  1. Diarrhea Relief: Collect the leaves of Keezhanelli, boil them in water, and drink the decoction. This remedy helps to stop diarrhea.

  2. Skin Problems: If the leaves are ground into a paste with salt and applied to the skin, it can heal scabies and other skin conditions.
  3. Wound Healing: Grinding the Keezhanelli leaves into a pulp and applying it as a poultice on wounds and damaged flesh promotes healing.
  4. Eye Health: Extract the juice from Keezhanelli stems, mix it with sesame oil, and soak. Putting a drop in the eyes will purify and cool them, preventing eye infections.
  5. Inflammation Reduction: Dry the leaves and roots of Keezhanelli, grind them into a powder, and mix with buttermilk to apply on swellings and sores. Drinking a decoction of these leaves and roots can also reduce fever.
  6. Women’s Health: Mixing the root of Keezhanelli with warm water and drinking it can alleviate menstrual problems in women.
  7. Blood Purification and General Health: Take 20 grams of the white-green roots of Keezhanelli, clean them, and grind them with fresh milk into a pulp. Consuming this mixture three times a day for three days can cure jaundice, anemia, rheumatism, and other bile-related diseases. It also promotes blood circulation and cools the eyes.
  8. Jaundice and Water Retention: Keezhanelli is also a remedy for jaundice and water retention. Clean the whole plant, grind it into a paste with water, and mix a small lemon-sized amount into half a liter of buttermilk (with the butter removed). Drink this mixture on an empty stomach in the morning.

Dietary Recommendations for Jaundice Patients: While taking this remedy, patients should consume salt-free and tamarind-free gruel, twice-filtered rice, non-seasoned vegetables, buttermilk, and goat’s milk.

Things to Avoid: Avoid oil, butter, ghee, tobacco, and smoking. If fresh Keezhanelli is not available daily, it can be bought in bulk, dried in the shade, and used as needed.

Dr. P. Kumaraswamy, Former Government Siddha Doctor, Chengalpattu.


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